Water enriched by nature

Over many years, Uriage Thermal Water has run deep under the Belledone Alpine mountains, picking up trace elements and minerals along the way. It springs from the earth at a depth of 80 meters, sheltered from the air and all pollution. The water's temperature (27°C), neutral pH and mineral composition remain constant.

Water that is naturally isotonic

The word “isotonic” means that Uriage Thermal Water is in perfect osmosis with the skin and the mucous membranes. It respects skin cell integrity. It is tolerated in the same way as physiological serum, it does not alter the size or the volume of cells. Uriage Thermal Water is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and reactive.

Water that is exceptionally active

Uriage Thermal Water has an exceptionally high content in minerals and trace elements in comparison to other thermal waters used in dermatology (11,000 mg/l). These minerals and trace elements play an essential biological role with recognized properties for the skin.

Different studies have proven these properties.

Research work in vitro or ex vivo have shown the effects of Uriage Thermal Water:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects proven on human skin mastocytes.
  • Effects on skin reactivity proven during a study of a model of sensory neurons in co-culture with keratinocytes involved in neurogenic inflammation.
  • Effects on anti-free radicals studied on fibroblasts from human skin.
  • Effects on healing obtained in vitro on fibroblasts extracted from a chronic leg ulcer.
  • Anti-pruriginous action proven by triggering pruritis with thermal stimulus.
  • Effects on stimulation of the skin’s natural defenses (increased secretion of anti-microbial peptides hBD2).
  • Increases the synthesis of essential elements in the skin barrier: filaggrins and claudins (tight junctions).
  • Reduces adherence of S. aureus bacteria to skin cells.
  • Protects DNA and stimulates natural protective enzymes - catalase and superoxide dismutase in oxidative stress situation (UV exposure).

Effects have been measured through testing in vitro:

  • Moisturization level measured by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
  • Effect of Uriage Thermal Water measured in vitro on human eosinophilic apoptosis.

Clinically proven effectiveness:

  • Effect on microbiome of the skin for atopic patients having followed a 3-week Uriage Thermal Water treatment: significant reduction of presence of Staphyloccus aureus after treatment.
  • Clinical study on 242 psoriasis cases: the PASI average score was reduced of P75 at day 0 at 4,25 at day 21 what fits with 1 PASI48 (48% from the initial score).
  • Uriage Thermal Water used on subjects with a “red face” type facial dermatosis.