Arthrosis, rheumatism, joint pain... Take advantage of all of the assets and active ingredients in Uriage Thermal Water during your treatment in rheumatology and improve your quality of life.

Uriage Thermal Water, exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements, is very effective on pain related to arthrosis, inflammatory rheumatism, tendinitis, fibromyalgia as well as rheumatism of the feet and hands.

Patients may benefit from “two medical indications” during the treatment (dermatology combined with ENT or rheumatology).

The various treatments are adapted to each indication and to each patient.

Information About The Treatment in Rheumatology

You may also follow a course of treatment in rheumatology at the Uriage Thermal SPA. It is also reimbursed by the French health care system, it lasts longer than at the Thermal Center. ​It includes free half-day access to the pool, the hammam, the tea room for a spa supplement of 816€. For all information, please contact the Thermal Spa directly.

Thermal cure program

Movement in the Pool

For a gentle workout of the different muscle groups, while befitting from the virtues of Uriage Thermal Water.

Hydromassage Baths

Uriage Thermal Water Bath equipped with pressurized water jets, enabling a sequential massage from the cervicals to the soles of the feet.

Mud Application

Warm thermal mud is applied to the treatment zones for a relaxing, analgesic and soothing action.

Affusion Shower Massages

Massage performed by a massage therapist under a shower of Uriage Thermal Water, combining massage techniques with the relaxing effect of thermal water.

Hand Baths, Foot Baths

Localized Uriage Thermal Water bath for hands and feet with air bubbles. They gently enable hand, wrist or foot movement to stimulate circulation and reduce pain.

Localized or General Heat Chamber

Fine droplets of warm thermal water are sprayed on treatment zones. For the whole body or hands, the localized or general heat chamber has a relaxing, anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effect.


Rest is an essential part of the treatment. It repairs and soothes.

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yamina Bonaterre

Très contente de ma cure, un personnel accueillant, à l'ecoute, aux soins, organisè. L'endroit agrèable est calme. Je félicite toute l'equipe de la cure, un grand merci à votre humanité et discrétion... Bonne continuation à vous tous.