Asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis... This thermal treatment addresses respiratory tract conditions in the ideal natural, pure setting removed from pollution.

Uriage Thermal Water promotes the passage of minerals and trace elements into the organism, improving their effectiveness, especially in the treatment of recurrent pathologies of the respiratory tract, such as rhinitis, chronic purulent or vasomotor rhinitis, allergic rhino-sinusitis, suppurative and hyperplastic sinusitis, polyposis, chronic, inflammatory and functional laryngitis, recurrent otitis, serous or mucoid otitis, chronic otitis with perforated or closed eardrum...

Patients may benefit from “two medical indications” during the treatment (dermatology combined with ENT or rheumatology).

There are various ENT treatments that are adapted to each indication and to each patient.

Thermal cure program


Inhalation of Uriage Thermal Water in aerosol form for better penetration in the different respiratory cavities (sinuses, ears, bronchial tubes, bronchioles).

Inhalation Spray

Inhalation of fine droplets of Uriage Thermal Water, to treat and prepare for other treatments of the respiratory tract mucous.

Pharyngeal Spraying

Direct or dispersed spraying of Uriage Thermal Water to treat pharyngitis, sore throat and tonsillitis.

Nasal Irrigation And Pipetting

Flushing each nostril with Uriage Thermal Water. It is the first step in clearing nasal cavities.

Proetz Displacement Procedure

Enables cleansing and suction of all sinus hypersecretions.

Tubal Insufflations

They help ensure improved function of the eustachian tube in all types of otitis.

Respiratory Therapy

Therapy is performed by a physical therapist, more often for cases of asthma and chronic bronchitis.

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